About us

CK Pools

is an operated business with two generations of experience in the pool industry. We are providing complete residential and commercial swimming pool operations that founded 30+ years ago.

We are specialized and committed to bringing you pool cleanings, pool remodeling, pool maintenance, pool leak detection, pool repair, pool ideas, pool painting, equipment repairs, and new pool construction services that you can rely on from people you can trust with substantial experience in the swimming pool industry.

For over 30 years, CKPools services have had excellent reviews, feedback, and a reputation for providing high-quality work that makes our clients always satisfied. All of our jobs and operations are oriented toward providing the best swimming pool services and products at the most competitive prices.

If you are looking for an honest, dependable, and professional company to work with, you have found it.

CKPools is your pool service partner.

What makes us different from others:

With 30 years of experience in the Swimming pool industry from simple pool maintenance to remodeling, replastering, pebble to building Olympic Size competition pool says everything. Understanding water Chemistry, understanding customer’s needs, and expectation is a crucial component to running a successful operation.

Delivering them with dedicated Service Tech’s, Repair Techs, Filter Cleaning Tech, a general manager, so oversee the whole process and handle any customer complaints sets us apart from others. 

Our techs are clean, in uniform with company trucks with logo, to give customers a peace of mind. By understanding all these things, we never try to sell anything that you don’t need.

Most Common Issues:

Pool Maintenance is not rocket science, when customers are proactive and maintain the pool consistently its a cake walk. But as soon as they get lazy and start making excuses (I am Tired, water is too cold, oh it’s too hot outside, I will do it tomorrow which never comes) and neglect is how pools get out of hand.
Solution: We do this for a living, thus we show up consistently, add chemicals as needed without thinking of cost. Due to the large size of our company we have extra service techs on standby to fill in incase of any employee getting sick.

As soon as neglect and excuses happen pools get out of hand, chemicals get imbalanced and pools get algae. Once the pool gets infested with algae it can get expensive in ways of adding algaecide, harsh chemicals and when this algae gets filtered now you have to clean the filter.
Solution: Weekly visits eliminates all these headaches.

Possible issues: Dirty Filter, pump not primed. Skimmer basket full of debris, Pump basket full of debris.
Suction leak.

Possible solution: Low water level, Skimmer basket full of debris, Pump basket full of debris. Suction leak.