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Infinity Edge Pool Designs

30 May 2019 / 7:00:00

Imagine swimming out into beautiful sunshine. Of course, the ultimate dream of every homeowner is to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while swimming in their pool.

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Vanishing Edge Pool Designs

30 May 2019 / 1:30:20

Vanishing edge pool gives an illusion as the water flows over the edge with no boundaries. These pools are often designed so that the edge seems to converge with a larger body of water or the sky which provide a stunning look.

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Pool Maintenance Tips

Episode 03:Check The pH level in swimming pool water

28 May 2019 / 3:30:20

After the 8 to 12-hour run time, check the pH level as it demonstrates the alkalinity and hardness of the water.The pH level of 7 indicates that the water is neutral; above 7 means the water is alkaline, while below 7 indicates acidity Continue Reading.... So aim to maintain the pH level between 7 and 7.6. If the water ph is lower than 7 can sting the eyes of the swimmer, while the pH is higher than the 8, the swimmer in the pool is at risk of skin rashes. Fill the test tube from your pH unit with water recovered from at least 18 inches below the surface. Collect your sample away from the pump inlet. Add the test-specific amount of agent and cap tube and shake well. Try not to cover the cylinder with your finger as the oils presented from your hand can compromise the results. Add chemicals in the proper proportions to balance the water.Many factors can affect your pool's pH level which include heavy rain, the number of swimmers in the pool and chemicals. So remember to consistently check the pH level.

Episode 02:Add Healthy Water

28 May 2019 / 1:30:20

Ensure the water in your pool is pumped through a channel to evacuate garbage and particles. To what extent you have to run the filter relies on the span of the pool and the torque of your pool pump. Most pool filtration frameworks can't filter all the water in the pool Continue Reading.... Chlorination is a best and powerful treatment frequently utilized along filtration to inactivate microbes that may be present in the pool water. Microorganisms love to develop in water and in the warm water, they grow faster.For your pool to be solid you need to maintain a steady level of sanitizer (chlorine) in the pool water.

Episode 01:Clean The Swimming Pool

28 May 2019 / 11:30:20

The first step to ready the swimming pool for the summers is cleaning the pool , How ?? Removing the leaves with a good leaf net or a skimmer, cleaning out the roller shutter compartment if there is one, hosing down the roller Continue Reading..., it's all part of the job and ensures you get rid of all the large dirt particles from your pool. Also, cleaning the water line and sucking up the debris from the swimming pool floor is among the first chores of the spring maintenance. Nobody really likes this part of the job, but it can actually be quite relaxing. Make sure you set aside enough time and clean it thoroughly, which will make the weekly cleaning a lot easier. Because a good start is incredibly important.