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CKPOOLS Houston Pool Services

CKPOOLS has all the expertise to handle all of your pool service needs. We are the pool service experts that you can trust. Our Houston Pool technicians can certify your pool water is balanced and things to be repaired or maintained are properly taken care of once you request a quote for pool service. Give us a try and make a call now at {{ phoneNumber }}.

Pool Building & Design

CKPOOLS is one of the leading service providers of swimming pools in Houston, Texas. We are consistently committed to the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology, as this is the only way to ensure that you enjoy your swimming pool for a lifetime. Our experts will build and design a pool of your dreams regardless of their possible complexity and size.

Our high-quality material, energy-saving construction, and our knowledge in pool construction, which we have grown over three decades, characterize our product lines from simple prefabricated tanks to tailor-made individual solutions according to efficiency standards.

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Pool Cleaning Services

We are your source for local swimming pool cleaning service for Houston, Texas. Our goal is to provide all Houston residents with clean, blue and healthy pool water all year-around. Keeping your pool crystal clear, clean and running at its best will prolong the life of the pool equipment ensuring that it remains energy efficient and prevents a costly repair.

We keep your swimming pool free of leaves, debris, bacteria, and algae and keep your freshwater or saltwater swimming pool sparkling clean, healthy and safe enough to swim in. Our technicians take away all the hassle and worry with our weekly pool cleaning service.

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Pool Leak Detection

CKPOOLS provides the most thorough leak detection checks for Houston pools. We use the most specialized technologies and advanced equipment to pinpoint your pool water leaks. Our leak detection is a flat rate for most pools and spas/hot tubs combinations.

The full detection includes dye testing, pressure testing, and diving in the pool with a scuba tank to check drains, cracks, and pool returns. We warrant our leak detections for 45 days from the day of leak detection performed provided that our customers must approve the necessary repairs to be performed by CKPOOLS experts.

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Pool Repair Service

CKPOOLS has more than 30 years of experience with swimming pool cracks and structural repair in Houston. We know better how Houston Pools are built. Our technicians are certified and fully trained to repair any swimming pool or spa equipment part for your commercial and residential property.

The experts of CKPOOLS can repair all types of damage to pool decks, walls, and surfaces. We can execute equipment upgrades and repair as needed for your inground swimming pools in the Houston area. Also, we supervise all our repair installation services to ensure quality.

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Pool Maintenance

Clean and balanced water chemistry is the key to pool maintenance. CKPOOLS provides the best maintenance services for Houston pools such as filter cleaning, skimmer basket cleaning, acid washing, pool inspections and more. The Acid wash makes a big difference with your pool finish as it removes unsightly stains due to algae buildup and hard water.

We check your pool chemistry, water level, chlorinator, chlorine generator, ozonator, pool odors, calcium hardness, Alkalinity and many more. We test the pH and chlorine levels in the pool water and do shock treatment if necessary on a weekly basis. The shock treatment solves and prevents major pool problems.

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Pool Remodeling

CKPOOLS have remodelled pools belongs to many HOLLYWOOD stars.

From the beginning of the pool design phase, through the annihilation, plumbing, and construction phases, our remodeler team will not cut a corner or pursue to quick fix a problem. We will treat your pool as if it was our own and provides the best clean and clear swimming pool in Houston.

As you know, Houston weather can be quite unpredictable and even vile at times. We know how important it is to plan accordingly and communicate clearly any delays, should they occur. We will update pool surfaces, decking and tiles including this we will add new pool features, equipment.

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Weekly Pool Service

CKPOOLS weekly pool service includes service in every week even if it is freezing or raining. We test your swimming pool water and apply pool minerals & chemicals to keep your pool water balanced in optimum condition. We empty your pump baskets, pool skimmer and backwash your filter on a regular basis.

We brush, vacuum and net your pool. We check and treat your water chemistry and make sure all the pool equipment is working properly. We keep your pool water healthy, balanced and treat algae. We help to monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of swimming pool issues. We have the following Weekly Pool Service Plans

Full Pool Services, Partial Pool Services, Pool Filter Cleaning Service